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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Miracle of Love

Today I am sharing a poem I wrote about ten years ago. Although I changed a couple of words found in the original I still believe in the contents. Moving forward on ones spiritual journey naturally causes a better understanding. Please enjoy.


Finding the person God has known since birth
Builds a bridge between heaven and earth
Peace and fulfillment flow freely from within
Like a cup running over with love to the brim

Asking His guidance to help with strife
Helps one appreciate precious moments of life
Understanding ourselves makes us strong
Willing to forgive all things that are wrong

Resisting all that living could bring
Until we could find the one true thing
Eliminating all battles from our past
Makes it easier to love and have it last

Acknowledging your presence here or away
Cements the foundation we build today
Our love has been growing for an eternity
The time has come to acknowledge our destiny

When God and His angels connect two as one
The light outshines rays formed by the sun
Love encircles everyone they know
Performing as a magnet moving to and fro

Anyone can believe in the miracle of love
Be still and patient it comes from above
Like the flame of a candle soft and warm
The miracle will happen when love is born

Barbara Loure’ Gunn 2000


  1. What a beautiful poem of love Barbara!

    Love is why we are here.
    It spreads everywhere when we tap into its deepest energy.

    Love is the opposite of pain.
    When we are in pain, we feel numb and void.

    We forget that Love is all around us and at our fingertips.

    The surge of Love heals all!

    Blessing of Love to you dear friend!

  2. So beautiful, Barbara. I love your writing! The Glory of Love...God is Love...all else follows:)