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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Attracting Souls

Looking around my world this morning at the people I feel closest to I realize once again that those I am most comfortable with are the ones who are not afraid to be who they are. They come in all ages and without effort, shine their light for all to see. It is so refreshing to be around people who do not hide from others.

Because I am a blogger I am always amused by writers who start blogs and web sites and never put anything on them. Oh, they might write one or two posts and actually go to the trouble of creating an attractive opening page, but that's it. Some writers hide behind their alter ego or a cartoon image, which to me is also interesting. It makes me wonder why they are not sharing who they really are.

From my own experiences, I know what fear of being who you are is all about. I spent many many years being afraid to let anyone else know me, being afraid to let love in. The reason was basically because I had allowed numerous people to hurt me, until I reached the point of not trusting anyone. I hid behind the titles of daughter, wife and mother and used them as built in excuses to not be the authentic me.

It is very easy to blame others for the condition of our life. It is just as easy to let go of the collection of negative energy and take full responsibility for our own life.

In 1999 I decided this is enough!! I started on a conscious path to rid my life of all negative people and things. Believe me it didn't happen overnight and I still occasionally attract some of those souls. Maybe it is a test to see how long I will tolerate them. I am getting better, but sometimes someone will stick like a bug to fly paper, until I remember my job is not to fix anyone; not even myself.

My only job is to just relax and enjoy being me. That's a full time job that I am beginning to love. I also love the souls that I am now attracting to my life.

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  1. Hi Barbara
    I don't think we can rid ourselves of all negative people and things. Like you said it might be a test.
    There can't be positive without negative. Its part of the big picture.
    What Bucky Fuller said about good and bad is true: They are both "good" for the universe"