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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Home is Where the Heart is!

It took me 24 little hours to realize that everything I need to be happy is right under my own nose. I just returned from a weekend jaunt with a very prejudiced female friend. I have reached a point in my personal journey that simply will not tolerate such behavior. This morning I just wanted to be home and get as far away from this person's energy as possible.

I have found that God/Source gives us chance after chance until we finally see the lessons put before us. When that day comes it feels as if the universe shouts- congratulations now you are ready for your next step!

My friend and I were standing in line at Panda Express in Albuquerque, NM last night when she suddenly turned to me and blurted out, "There are Mexicans everywhere!" Although I kept my mouth shut, I silently told her what I thought. I knew if I responded it would start an argument. Along with being prejudiced she also has a serious need to always be in charge.

When things like this happen it gives me a chance to look at my own life and appreciate where I am and what I have had the opportunity to learn. Where a person came from or how much money they have means nothing. What is in their heart makes them who they are.

Home is where the heart is!

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