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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Waiting for the final step

What an interesting few days this has been. One unplanned thing after another to test my patience. Apparently I have learned to roll with the punches because so far I have accepted what has been dished out with no anger.

This morning I have a brand new wall oven and a cook top sitting on my back porch waiting for the man to call who is going to install them to tell me exactly when that will be. He refused to set up a time earlier because he said deliveries never arrive on time. Well he was wrong and I am still waiting for him to call me. Both Baillo's and Home Depot delivered my purchases when they said they would. They were both very friendly and efficient. I would not hesitate to have things delivered by them again.

A couple of unexpected experiences did happen while I was waiting. First my dog, Ejay, began having a problem with his eyes on Sunday. It didn't get any better so on Monday I made an appointment with his doctor. He was diagnosed with pink eye. He just began day 3 of 7 of eye drops twice a day and is doing much better.

On Monday I also received my latest water bill, which was $40 more than it should have been. I admit that step did annoy me more than a little bit. I called my handy plumber to see when he could check for a leak. Being the dependable guy that he is he stopped by yesterday and confirmed checking the meter,  yes, we did have a leak. He spent at least a half an hour trying to find the problem. We couldn't hear water running and there was no water that he could see under the house. He finally did spot the problem in an upright pipe and went to work fixing it. While waiting I began to worry that it was between the house and the meter on the street and my vision of digging up the front yard to find it would have been very expensive. Thank god that didn't happen. I am always grateful for Chavez Plumbing and I wouldn't call anyone else even if I had to wait.

So I am sitting here at my computer typing my latest blog post and waiting for the return phone call from the appliance repairman and oh yea trying to be patient. I sure hope this test is nearing the final step!  

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