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Friday, March 3, 2017

A question with no answer

A couple of weeks ago my chiropractor decided to use traction on my neck. It made me a little nervous and I asked her to leave the door to the treatment room open. She asked if I was claustrophobic and I said not exactly, it is more like a fear of abandonment. I went on to add that I believe it is caused by past life memories. She replied, " have to hear about that" and left the door open.

I thought she had forgotten about it, but this week she asked a very good question that I didn't know how to answer and am still thinking about. Her question was, "How do you know your memories are not the result of a dream or a movie you saw?"

My memories of three different lives just popped up over a period of time. They were relatively brief and all depicted my death. They all showed me what can happen when I try to run another person's life. Just to add drama to my story let me give you a brief recap of the three lives and how they ended.

Life one was in Roman times and I was...wait for it... a white horse. I belonged to a very reluctant knight who did not want to fight, but because of his lineage was forced to. I pretty much took over his life and led him into many battles, the last of which caused my death. The lance of an opposing knight slashed the length of my belly as I rose to collide with him. I fell to the ground taking my knight with me. We both died in the fall. To add interest to this memory I have scars from two surgeries in this life, one from endometrial cancer in 1990 and the other from a blocked bowel in 2011, that exactly match the lance wound.

Life two was a drowning. Although I can see the clothes I was wearing I still can't place the period or place. It was possibly Scotland or England. I was in a horse drawn carriage driven by my son who I was trying to help avoid military life. Suddenly a loud boom coming from a battlefield on our left spooked the horse and we all ended up in water on the right. The door on the carriage would not open and I was trapped inside.Even though my son tried to rescue me he was unsuccessful and I drowned.

Life three took place in a mountainous area perhaps even Alaska. My mother had died giving birth to me and I took over her role of running the house at a very early age. One day there was a terrible noise outside our door, my father rushed to open it just as an avalanche headed down the mountain covering our cabin. My father died instantly I followed soon after.

So there you have a brief replay of my three past life memories and I have concluded it is not necessary for me to justify them to anyone. I believe they are real and that I was given the memories as part of a Universal lesson. I hope I have learned that I am only responsible for myself.

As a note I do think at least the last two are the cause of the fear of abandonment I have in this life time.

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