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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

You never know who you might inspire

Yesterday my friend Lois, who often comments on my blog, posted a Facebook photo of an adult beanie that she had just crocheted. It reminded me that I had some leftover yarn that wasn't enough to make anything big, probably not even a scarf, but perhaps I could crochet a cap. Guess what? It ended up being enough to make three, which I plan to donate to the local homeless.

It was so much fun that I checked Walmart this morning to see what they had to offer in yarn. Good thing I did because they had marked a lot down. I ended up buying three skeins that I could mix and match. The blue is the start of today's purchase. Not sure how many caps I will end up with, but this is what I have finished since the photo that Lois shared inspired me yesterday..

I often wonder if my blog inspires others. I sure hope so because that is my purpose for sharing everyday experiences that touch my life. I do have means of knowing that people read what I offer, they just don't take the opportunity to comment. Hint hint!

I'll leave you now, I have beanies to make and heads to keep warm.

Thanks Lois, you are an inspiring friend!!


  1. You rock, Barbara! It truly is fun to know that something I've posted or written or said inspires another person so I thank you for letting me know, via your own blog.

    It's interesting, isn't it, not knowing whether what we do or say inspires another person, but I believe that we all plant seeds, and it's up to each of us whether those seeds are positive in nature or negative. These days, I choose positive seeds more often than not, although I've done my own share of negative-seed-planting in the past. For my part, I also choose to see most people in a positive light, even when they're planting negative seeds, because, as don Miguel Ruiz says in his Four Agreements, it isn't about me anyway :D If someone unfriends me on FB or unfollows my blog, it’s really about their own issues and it has nothing to do with me.

    Well, there you have it! On a roll, again!

    Guess I better get back to writing my own blog…

    Thanks for being my friend, Barbara! I appreciate you!

  2. PS. Your hats are wonderful! I love the blue one... So much fun to make, aren't they?

  3. Thanks for adding your positive thoughts Lois. I like the blue one too. If I was homeless I would want to wear it. I remember when you visited me in 2011 you brought me bias tape to finish my Little Dresses for Africa. Stuff moves on as you know! Thanks again.

  4. Sorry Nina I accidentally deleted your comment. Could you write it again please?