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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Tossing it in the pot

Well as explained on a previous post today is the day after Thanksgiving for us. It means turkey soup day and that means tossing in the pot a little bit of this and that starting with simmering the turkey carcass.

This morning I added chopped celery and onion, leftover from making the stuffing yesterday. Then I looked around to see what I could  add to the pot later on. I found some cooked carrots and fresh mushrooms that still needed a home and also a partial bag of pasta. Later on I will be adding all those small pieces left after the turkey was carved. All it needs is some creative seasoning and dinner is on!

I hate throwing anything still usable away. That no doubt comes from growing up in a time when whatever you had was stretched.  I am always very happy at the end of the year when all my bills are paid and I owe no one anything.

 This year I am especially thrilled to discover that my credit rating is excellent. I'm not sure how I did that on a Social Security income, but I'll take it. As I look in my mirror I can happily say to the person looking back- good job keep up the good work!

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