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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Money money money

It's a really good thing that money isn't # 1 in my life. I have enough to live comfortably, with excellent credit if I should choose to use it, and owe no one anything. I also have a prepaid cremation policy in place, so even even if I were to exit this place called earth it wouldn't cost anyone.

But my life is in a pending position, resulting from the recent death of my ex husband of 27 years.

First he had a life insurance policy that was purchased long before our marriage in 1972. After we married my name was listed as the beneficiary. My intuition told me he never changed that fact after our divorce. That proved to be correct when our daughter called Prudential to report her father's death. I called them and sent the required documents they requested. I was then told because our divorce agreement didn't mention the insurance policy I would not be the beneficiary after all.The money would be going to our daughter, his only biological child. I had intended to share the money with her, but I have no idea what she will do if and when Prudential issues the check. A little extra money would be nice as my only income is Social Security.

Now I am waiting for Social Security to figure out my new benefit. I received a letter almost two months ago stating I would receive a widow's benefit beginning September 2016. So far I have not seen a penny to indicate this fact. I have called the national office twice and all I can find out is that it is pending. I do know that it will increase my benefit, but by how much I have no idea. So far they owe me for two months.

When all this gets settled I will have a nice Christmas bonus or a fat check to begin 2017. Either way whatever happens is what will happen. I don't desperately need the money, but I am not giving back what falls into my hands. I'm not stupid! 

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