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Friday, November 25, 2016

Stretching the turkey

Yesterday my son and I were invited to share Thanksgiving with friends. The food was good, but the experience was let's say, interesting.

To begin with I got a call around noon from my friend asking if we could come early because she was ahead of schedule and the turkey/food was done. So we hurried up and arrived at 1:00 p.m. I had made a punch bowl cake to add to the menu.

When we arrived we were greeted by my friend's husband and my son was introduced to their adult son and my friend's sister. We socialized a bit before the food was spread out to partake. We were told the turkey was a bit overdone. It had cooked overnight in her oven.

This is when the fun began. We dished up the food onto our plates and found a place to sit at the table. Well some of us did anyway. My friend's son decided to sit out on the screened back porch by himself. Her husband was missing and we soon discovered he was in the adjacent bedroom talking on the phone. Then he appeared and filled his plate, after passing the phone to my friend. After she returned to fill her plate we were told the person they had been talking to was another son.

In case you lost count this finally made five people sitting around the table plus one male sitting outside by himself. After awhile he came in and sat at a bar behind the table. It made conversation with him interesting. When dessert time came a large portion of the cake I brought ended up on his plate and he moved to the couch in the living room.

Everyone finished eating their turkey plus fixings and I noticed the husband had moved on into their bedroom and was playing on his computer. The son moved into his bedroom and we never saw him again. The dogs were friendly, but the social aspect of the holiday was very interesting! Since we had eaten so early we pretty much snacked on whatever our refrigerator offered for dinner last night.

My son and I had already decided to wait until Saturday to have our turkey, which he is going to cook on the spit of his barbecue, and opted for ham plus leftovers for tonight.

It's been an interesting Thanksgiving so far and we still have another day to go.

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