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Saturday, January 4, 2014

No stop please!

I thought I would begin the new year by creating a new blog. I got in so deep that I was afraid I had totally lost the old one. I was just trying to find a new way to share my wonderful photos and stories about Cibola County, New Mexico. I completely messed the whole thing up! It appears I am forgiven and my original blog is still in one piece, at least for now.

There have been some interesting posts on Facebook today. One in particular got my attention. it was a video showing the mansions of 15 celebrities. My very first thought after viewing the site was- very cold. I feel sorry for anyone who is so attached to things. My manufactured home was built in 1976 and would not appear on any celebrity list. It fits me and my style of living just fine with plenty of wiggle room for my furry children.

Another post by a friend stated that she has been feeling bad about her life and doesn't know what is wrong. Strangely, I have been experiencing similar feelings since the new year began. In talking to her I realized that I am in the last year of a 7 year DNA change and that could be the cause of uneasy feelings. Looking back over the last 6 years I see a ton of positive gradual changes in my life. I have slowly come to understand that I am done taking responsibility for anyone else. It's my turn! I did my job as best I could under some mitigating circumstances as a daughter, wife and mother. I'm done, not with life, just putting others first.

Perhaps the step to change my blog was a bit too big this morning. I only know that something new is just a few steps away and when the time is right I will be walking in that direction.

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