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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Are you crazy!

I am sure some people reading my posts might think just that. My perspective on what I see is a personal view that I love sharing with others. It is not my purpose to convince anyone else to believe the things that I believe. It is my purpose to inspire those teetering on a different opinion than the masses to just do it. There is no right or wrong about anything. So what if other people might think you are weird or just plain crazy? It does not change a thing. I love being a non-conformist in a conformist world.

I especially love shaking up "educated" people who think they are in charge of my life and expect me to act in a certain way. I recall a medical person accusing me of being passive aggressive simply because I dared to challenge her way. Get over it lady! If I am paying you to assist me in being well I have a right to question what you are doing. This person didn't stay around very long and it didn't take me long to realize I didn't need her in the first place. Interesting isn't it how everyone knows what is best for you except you?

The best advice I have for anyone is be true, be honestly you and let everyone else do the same.

No I am not crazy, weird, strange or any other similar word one might care to use. I have simply reached the point in my life where I enjoy being me and if along the way I can inspire you to enjoy being you- perfect! I will have realized my purpose.

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