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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Intuition wins again

Another interesting week has past with a little twist at the end. Yesterday as I was driving to work I noticed the little check engine light go on in my car. Since it was the first time that had ever happened it caused me some concern. I knew that by the time I got off work I wouldn't be able to get the source of the problem checked until this morning. I had all kinds of opinions as to the reason the light was on ranging from: low on coolant, needing antifreeze and someone this morning insisting I needed a new gas cap. As it turned out nobody was right!

After I got off work last night I checked my owners manual to see what it said about the warning light. That didn't help much, but at least I tried. I also opened the hood of my car to see if possibly I saw an indication of low fluid of some kind, which didn't help either. I finally decided there wasn't much sense in worrying about that pesky little light that refused to go out. My intuition was saying it wasn't anything serious, but I still worried a little about driving the car without knowing what was wrong.

Realizing that I would have to go into town to solve the problem I decided to stop off at the family center first to watch my grandson's basketball game this morning, then take the car to have the engine checked. If my intuition gave me any resistance at all I would reconsider my plan of action.

Since I received no resistance I moved forward with my plan. After the game I drove to Delta Tires where I explained my concern, had my oil changed and all the fluids checked to see if the light would go out. Nope it was staring at me as bright as before. Next stop was a few doors East at Auto Zone where the car was hooked up to a diagnostic tool. At first there was a small problem because the transmission refused to talk to the tool. It was a little cold out this morning, after all. Then communication began and the problem was solved. All I needed was new spark plugs at $1.98 each.

Next and final stop was back to Delta Tires to have the newly purchased items installed. My car now runs like a top. If I had allowed worry and fear to take over and not followed my intuition this little adventure could have walked an entirely different path.

By the way, the basketball team lost, but played a really good game. They are getting better every week!

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