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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A guide with a sense of humor

I have known for some time that I have an unusual guide, whom I call Richard. He is quite evident in my E-book, Journey of an Enlightened Egotist. Although he has stayed pretty much in the background since I finished the book he still makes his presence known from time to time. His antics usually make me laugh. I realize that others may not believe that I have a one on one relationship with an entity/guide from another realm, but I personally do not care!

Today's post is a continuation from one I wrote yesterday. You may want to look back if you didn't read it. The ending comment and, not part of the poem I shared, in case you were confused was: "No more holes for me".

I went to bed last night feeling pretty good about what I had done in abruptly removing an entity that had briefly entered my space. My action was in no way mean spirited. I simply followed my guide's sudden push and realized that I did what I was supposed to do and it was time to leave. I'm quite sure the other entity involved will figure out why sooner or later. It's not my problem.

This morning I rose from my warm bed and made a trip to the bathroom. Any female reading this can relate to what happened next. I almost fell into the hole! Yup it is true- really. I need to make a note here that the only males living in my house are a cat and a dog and they don't use the toilet. Looking around in shock my mind was asking, "Why the hell is the toilet seat up?" Now I'm not exactly blaming Richard, but he has been known to cause some strange experiences to happen in my life. Remember, I said he has a sense of humor?

Later on I was reading over the poem I had shared yesterday and suddenly realized that there were four males in my life who represent chapters one through four.It was as clear as a bell that each experience they had participated in followed the poem. Thankfully, Chapter five represents my freedom to walk down another street with no more holes.

Thanks Richard you've still got it!

Although you, the reader, may not be able to spot him, Richard is in this spirit photo, he knows where he is.

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