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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Through the eyes of love

Love has been on my mind today and the fact that everyone alive has their own special idea of what the word means. I believe that single word has been the inspiration for more poets, writers and musicians than any other in any language. It is, in the minds of some, the one word definition of our creator and the reason we are all experiencing a human life.

Love is something no one can put in a box and give as a gift. It cannot be purchased, although many have tried. It just is. I believe it is an invisible expression of what the heart holds most dear. No one can take it away from you.

There is no limit to the ways love can be shared with others. For some reason the subject has caused me to think about Walt Disney (1901-1966). There was a man who knew how to share love with the world! If not for his wonderful imagination we would never have known a mouse could talk. Because of his willingness to share through his gift of animation, children of all ages have experienced his unique brand of love.

My favorite story as a child was Bambi. Somehow I related to that poor little dear who lost his mother and was showered with love by his friends. I believe most animated movies have been about love in some form. The ones I recall are: Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Lion King, Beauty and the Beast and in recent years in the company of my young grandson; Finding Nemo, Happy Feet and Wall-e. The last two are my favorites because they show that love is where you find it.You just have to be willing to accept what is being offered.

In closing my thoughts I would like to share a poem I wrote awhile back about the subject of love.


An angelic celebration takes place
When two souls realize they are one
Not held back by earthly boundaries
Going in the same direction at the same time
With no clear destination
Not understanding how it happened
Acknowledging that it did and
Going to any length to nurture the bond.

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