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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Surviving a year's worth of lessons

Yesterday marked the return of my oldest son to his home in Colorado. He spent the last 12 months in Kuwait working as a civilian on a military base because he could not obtain a job any other way. That's pretty sad considering he has spent a good part of his adult life serving in the military in one form or another. I am anxious to find out how this experience compared to his Desert Storm days, literally living in the middle of sand. Some day perhaps he will write a book of his own. In the meantime I am very  happy he survived his journey in one piece.

I had no idea when he left last August that a month later I would be having emergency surgery and spend two weeks in the hospital. The rest of my year was one little challenge after another. When I look back at the variety of physical and monetary tests I was given I really have to laugh. Of course, none of it was funny at the time. Especially when I had to purchase a new furnace in the middle of the coldest winter we have had in twenty years. If someone had written a very bad script for Lifetime TV that could have been the story of my life during the last year.

Another thing that makes me laugh today is the number of sources I thought I needed to help me get out of the ridicules mess the universe decided to pile on me, all in one year. The books I purchased and read, the people I turned to, the web sites I tapped into for advice and support boggles my mind. Most especially is the amount of money I spent seeking medical help for problems professionals no doubt caused in the first place. 

This has been a year's worth of lessons and I am glad it is coming to an end. Actually, the lessons started way back in 1999 when I decided I didn't like my life and sought the help of a questionable friend to end a 40 year addiction to nicotine.

No matter what has happened in the last year and beyond there is now no doubt in my mind that I am a survivor.

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