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Friday, November 26, 2010

Soup's On!

This morning my house smells so good with the remains of the turkey carcass, plus fresh and frozen veggies and whatever seasoning I felt like throwing in the pot, simmering on the stove. One of my most favorite things to cook is soup.

Soon my oldest son, visiting from Colorado, my grandson and I will be exploring the bowling alley. It will be interesting to see how patient "uncle Jeff" is with his young nephew. Colin is a born athlete and may just show us both up! Since I haven't been bowling for over 30 years this adventure will be interesting for me too. Hopefully it's like riding a bike, one never forgets how to do it.

Apparently Colin, who popped in about an hour ago, is planning on spending the day with me and his uncle. He said he told his mom as he left his house, "See you tonight."

So that's my day after Thanksgiving. Life couldn't be better! Good company, and a pot of homemade soup to look forward to for lunch.

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