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Friday, November 19, 2010

Living On Less

Today's blog subject was prompted by reading a post offered by a Facebook friend. It was about living cheap. My ears popped up because that certainly fits my current life experience. Some people my age, living on a small social security income, would spend their life seeing nothing but scarcity. I do not fit that group.

For clarity and thanks to a divorce settlement 11 years ago I do own my home and I was able to pay cash for an efficient car I bought new at the end of 2005. Of course owning those things also gives me the opportunity of paying property tax, license fees, insurance and repair bills. Oh well, that's life in the not so fast lane!

I owe no one anything, I eat well, I am warm and comfortable and there is nothing I need that I am not able to provide for myself. My secret is not living beyond my means and not wasting anything. Part of my current philosophy no doubt came from the manner in which I was raised. I never got used to throwing money away just to impress someone else. Money has never been the way I measure relationships.

One of my friends recently referred to me as "very poor" and it really made me angry for awhile. The woman, who is in so much debt she will never be debt free, had no idea how wrong she is. I wouldn't trade lives for any amount of money!

I think another ingredient that helps me live on less is that I actually get a kick out of seeing just how far I can stretch a dollar. Apparently I was created with an unusual sense of adventure that makes living fun no matter how much money is in my wallet. Being grateful for what I have is the first step to happiness!


  1. I love this post! I, too, love the adventure of seeing just how far a buck can go.... I take advantage of all the senior discounts I can get (not very many until 62 or 65 but a few start at 55) even though I have friends many years older than me who see that as "getting old" when I see it as "saving $$"! It's all about perspective, isn't it?

  2. Thanks so much for offering your comments Lois. I used to think the discounts were somewhat of an insult, but now I am just grateful that I am still here!!

  3. Great post Barbara. Frugality is a handsome income :-)