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Thursday, June 1, 2017

A brand new month

Looking back at May I see my calendar was all marked up with appointments for various physical problems. I am glad that's over and I can began this month with a new schedule.

My foot problem (gout) has passed and my foot doctor, my PA and I have all agreed to take a wait and see attitude. We are waiting to see if my body decides to do it again. If it does the first step is to eliminate the water pill I have been taking for years to control my blood pressure. Everyone agrees that could be what is causing a build up of uric acid. The attack was not likely due to food, although I have given more thought to my diet and added yogurt, more fruits and vegetables and water. I have also included vitamin B12 and C supplements to help things  move in the right direction. Oh and I discovered the frozen stuff I was having for lunch was loaded with hidden sodium, which of course was what was increasing my blood pressure.When I stopped eating them it went down.

I was due to finish my month of physical therapy for my rotator cuff problem, but my therapist and I have decided to add a month of once a week therapy. Although I do the exercises at home I feel I need that little extra push to spend more time on them. My therapist and I do feel that all I really need is regular exercise. Again we will see, but I am looking forward to positive results. I have been told that at my age surgery is not an option. That's good because I didn't want that option anyway!

Deciding that any appointments with my chiropractor were going to just have to wait, whether she agreed or not, I reached the conclusion that it was counter productive. After discussing it with two physical therapists I was convinced that it is my body and my decision.

For the most part I have a great team of people doing their best to keep me healthy. I love it when everyone agrees and we are all on the same path. I am looking forward to a brand new month with a lot fewer physical appointments and problems. Following suggestions and  keeping positive thoughts are going to be my contribution to a great outcome. 

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