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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Speaking of trails

 Interesting how life seems to leave a trail and whether we notice it or not it's there.

I just finished a book titled, Alone Again,. I didn't like it, but it reminded me of an e-book I have listed on Amazon titled Spirits of Cibola County. It also reminded me that I am a very good writer. The book I just read began with no preface and was a collection of short stories that didn't seem to have any connection. The last story was supposed to be the author's life. He explained he had found a book that inspired him to write a similar one. He simply copied the format. Interesting, but no cigar!

My book on the other hand came from my own mind and a curiosity about my neighbors. I know that each story has a tiny thread that leads to the next one. All I had to do was follow the thread and my own intuition. Many of the 64 stories first appeared in columns I wrote for the Cibola Beacon, with the last few added to help get it up to date. It begins with a brief history of Cibola County, New Mexico to give readers an idea of the area.

The stories also led to a sister blog to this one in 2014 called Cibola Images. It was meant to promote my adopted home town and the people who live here. I shared a few of the stories combined with pictures and tidbits of things that were happening. After awhile I noticed it didn't get much response so I let it sit and sit.

About the same time that I finished reading, Alone Again, I shuffled my Doreen Virtue Angel Cards and drew Entrepreneur. At first I thought, "Oh come on what does that have to do with anything?" The first part of the card read:Self employment suits your disposition and intentions. Working for yourself allows you to better follow your intuition and Divine guidance

Well alright I'll buy that!

I immediately remembered my vow to not write for the Beacon again. I like writing my blog because I do not have an editor screwing up the points I know I am supposed to make. As an example one of the things that always bothered me in writing a newspaper column is the fact that women are referred to by their last name i.e. Gunn. In the first place I was born with a last name of Halverson, Gunn was just borrowed. Why don't men get it? In my opinion it is disrespectful.

I'm not really sure what I am going to do with the sister blog, but there is a real possibility that I will try to pick up that thread again. A lot of changes have taken place in the area since I stopped writing in 2014 and I only used a tiny portion of the life stories I had at my fingertips. I have written permission from the subjects to promote them in any way I choose to use them.

Often the trail continues when something you don't like pushes you to move forward. I have found that happens a lot when negative people appear out of nowhere. They are only roadblocks giving us a little time to refocus. 

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