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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

An unfortunate chain of events.

The universe has gone out of its way to prove that everything is connected. Every action has a reaction and I guess it depends on the kind of person you are just how you will react.

I had recently ordered a tee shirt for my grandson and it finally arrived. I had left a couple of phone messages asking him to come and pick it up. He only lives two doors from me. The shirt was what my mother would have called "an unbirthday gift". It was for no reason except I thought he would like to wear it. I waited several days and he didn't respond. I thought he might be out of town.

My son was going to town on an errand and I asked him to drop it off on his way.

The door was opened by his sister, her known to be mean dog and my grandson. My son delivered the shirt and for some reason reached down to pet the dog, who I understand was growling. He always growls. The dog decided to bite the hand that was attempting to pet him. My son pulled his hand away and the dog's teeth left a 3" gash along a finger on his left hand.

Admittedly I wasn't there so this is second hand information.

To continue the tale. My daughter apparently provided some gauze to wrap around the wound which by then was dripping blood. My son managed to come home and we cleaned up the wound a little and proceeded to go to the ER to have it looked at. BTW his insurance deductible is $250 per ER visit. His finger was in really bad shape.

It really annoyed me that his sister never even called to see how he was. After making sure the wound was covered as much as possible and treating it with an antibiotic he went to work Monday at the prison where he and his sister are both employed. His sister informed him that the bite was not her fault. Her house, her dog, but it wasn't her responsibility.

He was able to have the wound checked out at the doctor's office yesterday. He was also told, since it was still dripping fluid, that he couldn't go back to work until tomorrow, hopefully. In addition to the other expenses this is using up some of his vacation time for this year.

The point of this post is I am wondering who is responsible for the bills it will create?

1. I feel somewhat responsible because I asked him to deliver the shirt which my grandson should have been responsible to have picked up
2. It was my daughter's dog, who was not restrained and did the deed.
3. Knowing the dog is basically mean my son should have ignored him.

Since my son is reluctant to give his sister a bill to submit to her house insurance I feel like I should at least offer to pay half of the ER bill to help him out. His reasoning, "I have to work with her". I can understand that but it isn't fair. 

I can't do anything about my daughter's lack of compassion except wonder what happened to cause it. If it had been my house and my dog I would have taken responsibility- no question!

P.S. In case you are wondering why I didn't deliver the shirt, I had an attack of gout and could barely get a shoe on for a couple of days.

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