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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Help I'm stuck in the kitchen!

Well another Mother's Day is about here and I can count on a gift from at least one of my three grown children. That would be my oldest son who has been living with me for almost three years. 90% of the time his gifts always seem to be focused on the kitchen.What the heck is going on here?

In recent years I have received a new microwave, a new electric griddle, a new kitchen faucet, a large set of plastic storage containers and a spice rack containing new spices (some of which I have never heard of).

This year he is installing a new cook top hood to match the new black appliances I just purchased and had installed. There was really nothing wrong with the old one unless you count 40 years of grease. I know he is trying to be helpful but these are the most interesting  gifts I have ever heard of.

At least I can count on my young grandson to give me a cool basket of flowers or a piece of jewelry, something more motherly. Considering that  this son is the only one of my three children who remembers that they have a mother I know I should be grateful for whatever he gives me.

Even though I do love to cook and really enjoy trying out new recipes that's not all I do. For one thing I write this blog! This year I decided to buy myself a gift. On a website I found a really cool shirt that pretty much says it all. So I ordered one for myself.



  1. Interesting that you consider yourself "stuck in the kitchen" and yet you buy yourself a shirt that has that same message on it! Maybe you need another message if you don't want people, i.e. your son, to see you as a someone always in the kitchen, or always in need of a "kitchen-related" gift!

  2. The second part of the message is "and I know things".