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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Family is family

It doesn't matter if family members are still living or not they are still family. Today I sent a copy of a family tree to my oldest granddaughter. She is probably oldest by a few minutes because she is a twin. She also, in my opinion, has the most common sense so perhaps she will care and pass on the information. Maybe, maybe not.

She and her two siblings seem to forget that there are two sides to every family. Their mother's side is predominately Native American and that seems to be all they care about. There are three more nationalities on their father's side; French, Scottish, Swedish and English.

It took me several years to go back on and get everything on my side of the family in order as far back as I could. I didn't even know the names of my biological grandfathers who both died before I was born. It is very sad that people just don't seem to care about the past anymore. The only paternal grandfather my granddaughter knew was a step grandfather and he recently died. Her biological paternal grandfather, Warren S. Smith, died in 2008 and she probably doesn't even know his name

Whether the 54 people from my family tree, going back to the 1800s, are alive or dead they are still family members and deserve to be remembered. At some point my great grandchildren, will be looking for this information. I just made it easier for them. It's the least I could do for their future.

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