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Monday, June 12, 2017

Responsible for what?

My grandson is on vacation with his family but before he left he called and asked me for a favor.

He said he had ordered a pair of shoes that were a once in a lifetime deal. "Really Grandma I will never get this kind of deal again", he said. "These shoes were made by a very important person and they were marked way down."

I laughed and told him I had never paid that much for a pair of shoes in my life. Oh to be young and have your own spending money!

He knew when the package would be delivered, but there was a problem. He was going to be on vacation so he asked if he could use my address for the delivery. Of course, I said yes.

Today is the day. Since I know how much he paid for the package I don't want to go anywhere until it arrives. I am not sure if it is coming UPS of FedEx but kids are out of school now and it could be stolen if it is left on my front porch.

So today I am patiently waiting for my grandson's very important delivery. After all I agreed to be responsible.

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