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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy birthday Ejay

In early December 2012 I saw a picture of a cute little white poodle in the local paper. He was featured in the ad for the animal shelter. I had been thinking about getting a dog and decided to stop by and check this one out.

Dogs of all sizes had been part of my history. I knew I didn't want a big dog or a tiny version that yaps a lot. This dog was a perfect size and very friendly as he struggled to get my attention. My very first dog as a child was a peanut butter colored cocker spaniel.

The gate keeper let the dog out so I could have a better view. I was told I could take him home for a couple of days to see if he would be a good fit. If it didn't work out I could bring him back. I decided to take a chance and see what would happen. I was told his name was E.J.and the lady who had him couldn't pay the fee to get him back after he had run away. I felt bad about that, but there was nothing I could do about it. He had been in the shelter for three weeks waiting for someone to rescue him.

As I put him in my car I noticed a piece of coat hanger wire attached to his fur. The first thing I did when we arrived at my house was to remove it. The following picture was taken on his first day in his new surroundings.

After deciding to keep him we went to the vets to check him out. He was healthy and I was told he was a Poodle Maltese mix and about 10 months old. After getting his shots our next stop was the groomer. His fur was very matted and needed serious attention. He looked like a different dog when I picked him up and the groomer had given him a treat to chew on and added a scarf around his neck.

To make a long story short Ejay had found a new home. I wasn't exactly sure when he was born but knew it was sometime in February so I gave him Valentines Day as his birthday and he is now five years old.  His favorite things to do are chasing rabbits and birds in the yard, harassing his feline older brother and sister and being anywhere that I am. Oh and begging for food that anyone is eating.

Happy birthday Ejay!

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