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Friday, December 16, 2016

Talk about service!

Yesterday I arranged for a spinal CT scan at Cibola General Hospital in Grants, NM. Every experience I have had with this facility has been positive; well maybe not my surgery in 2011 Not all of it anyway!. We have the best hospital staff anyone could ask for. Perhaps it is because they work in a small town. I have had experiences in a large hospital in Albuquerque and it just wasn't the same.

While arranging for my scan yesterday I witnessed a very nice example of staff going out of their way to help a patient. A lady was struggling to use a walker and needed to check in for a radiology procedure. She asked a technician how long she would have to wait. He told her she had to register, come back and she would be seen as soon as she arrived.

The tech suggested she might do better with a wheel chair. Her response was, "I don't have anyone to push me." Without hesitation he replied, "I will push you."

He then obtained a chair and pushed her to the registration desk down the hall. He waited with her and pushed her back to the radiology lab for her procedure.

I repeat we have a great little hospital and a very caring staff!

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