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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

I dare you to prove you are you

I had a rather interesting morning trying to prove to the motor vehicle department that I am me and I live in Grants, NM. It took me over two hours locating documents to satisfy the new federal laws and renew my drivers license.

If I were a man it wouldn't have taken so long, but because the name on my social security card does not match my birth name, due to marriage and divorce, I had to supply official documents to prove that I am the same person. This required a trip to the bank and a visit to my safety deposit box. Twice actually. The first trip was to pick up my original birth certificate. You know the one with the Alaska seal on it. Geez!

Next I had to supply two forms of ID proving where I live. I scooped up the receipt for my property tax bill, which I just paid last week, and the water bill that I just paid. Not good enough! Neither one had my name or address on them. I was told I need the whole bill. First time ever keeping my bills paid was a problem. I was told to stop by the water department and ask them to print out a "whole" bill for me. Which I did. I was also told the second form of address I.D. could be the proof of insurance I carry in my car.

In addition, New Mexico sends out threatening letters that you need a current eye exam if you are over a certain age or they will revoke your license. I had complied yesterday and thought all I had to do was present the signed by my optometrist form and that would be it. Wrong! That's all I had to do last year.

I had no idea that I would have to prove that I am me!

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