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Saturday, December 24, 2016

At least we tried

December 23 found me teaming up with my young grandson to make a birthday cake for his uncle, whose birthday is Christmas day. I made the cake and he frosted and decorated his masterpiece. Below is his crowning achievement.

Colin's mother, my daughter, had ceased communicating with me in 2010, but has allowed my grandson to spend Christmas Eve with me. I have not been invited to share in any family holiday celebration since she decided I don't exist. While decorating his uncle's cake he shared with me that his mother's attitude hurts him and he doesn't understand why she can't just get over her problem. He said he just wants his family back.

I have tried everything including apologizing for being a  control freak in the past. She doesn't care to listen and can't see how much she is hurting her son. Colin decided he was going to ask if she and his stepfather could just stop by tonight and share a piece of birthday cake with us.

Her answer was no!

I really had hopes that it would be yes, but I guess she enjoys the negative path she is on. At least we tried and the cake was yummy and very festive! Thanks Colin you did good!

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  1. Well even though my daughter refused to join in her brother's birthday celebration last night perhaps a baby step was made. I found out from my grandson that she loved the Christmas gift I gave her.