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Friday, December 9, 2016

Free pizza

Last night I didn't feel like cooking so I called in an order for pizza. When I went to pick it up I began talking to a a friend who was finishing up ordering his own pizza. I jokingly said to the employee behind the counter,  Manny is paying for mine.

A minute later Manny said "Merry Christmas I just paid for your pizza". "No you didn't", I said! "Yes I did", he said! I also got a friendly hug. What a nice man and the pizza was better than usual too!

This morning I am making a batch of fudge for a friend who lost his wife in 2007. I have been making treats for him ever since. His wife was a friend of mine and the way I look at it is- if she could she would, but she can't and I can. I know he appreciates the gesture and truly understands why I do what I do.

As a thank you for the free pizza Manny will also receive  a gift of fudge.

Apparently what goes around comes around is true!

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