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Monday, May 2, 2016

Everything happens in its own time

It looks as if the universe has gone out of its way to prove that to me. Patience has never been one of my big things, but today I might have to change my mind.

In 1980 we moved our mobile home from New Laguna, New Mexico about 30 miles west to the town of Grants. We decided to transplant some of the plants from our former yard because there was nothing but dirt on the new property. We also put in some trees. Some of the plants were purple lilacs, which we used to add interest to the new chain link fence we had installed. There was one white lilac that was planted by itself on the side of the house. They are all still alive.

I was amazed a couple of years ago when one we had later moved began to bloom and it turned out to be while.

Since 1980 there has been one little lilac bush in a flower bed alongside the driveway that is still alive, has never grown past about two feet tall and has never ever bloomed, that is until now.

Apparently when you leave things alone stuff will happen in its own time. I knew that- sort of!

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