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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A reminder of the past

Tonight my grandson and I are going to take a family tour of Corrections Corporation of America, which is the women's prison here in Grants, NM. It is also the only prison for women in New Mexico. Currently my oldest son and daughter are both case managers at the facility. My grandson and I took this tour about 12 years ago when he was about two years. I'm sure he will have a different view this time

 The tour reminded me that several years ago I did an interview for my column in the Cibola Beacon with a woman who was then the disciplinary officer for the prison. I want to share some of her comments with my readers. The following is an excerpt from that article.

Her job includes investigating staff reported incidents of inmates breaking the facility rules. A hearing follows. Minor incidents might include directly disobeying an order or not showing up for a work assignment. Major violations are assault and fraud.

Penalties include loss of privileges or segregation. Lacy enjoys the interaction with inmates and always gives them respect.

She stated, "I do not care why they are here, it is not why I am here."

She tries to make a difference in the attitude of the inmates by explaining how their actions affect others. She would like to see everyone come out better then they went in.

CCA offers many educational opportunities for both employees and inmates. In addition to correction officers there is an administrative staff, support staff, counselors, program and education staff and also a chaplain.

Although this employee is no longer with CCA I wanted to give you an idea of the workings of the facility. I am looking forward to my tour tonight.

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