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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Are you sending me a sign?

For the last couple of weeks my yard  has been bursting with color and a very sweet scent. Purple and white lilacs and purple iris, most of which have not bloomed for several years, have begun sprouting blossoms. Today I discovered a whole row of purple lilacs along the west side of my house that I had no idea were in bloom.

Taking in this amazing sight caused me to wonder if the Universe is sending me a message that I am not getting. Thinking back in my spiritual journey I remembered a book by Betty Bethards titled The Dream Book. In the past I not only used it to explain dreams, but also to look up things that keep popping up to the point that I can't ignore them.

First I looked up flowers.The unfolding of flowers is a sign of good growth, a direction of beauty and fulfillment. The completion of a goal; a time of great achievement.

Then I tried looking up the specific flower, but that didn't work. So I went on to colors- success!

Since most were purple I started with that. It means wisdom, knowledge, divine protection.

The words divine protection got my immediate attention as the flowers were blooming all around my house, almost like a guard on the East, West, North and South.

Since there were some white lilacs mixed in I checked that out too. White means truth and purity.

I don't know about my readers, but I believe I found the message the Universe is sending me.

In case you have trouble believing here are a few of the beautiful blooms that are adorning my yard.

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