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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Today is the day

Today is the day I will find out if my intuition is right. I will soon be heading to Presbyterian Hospital in Albuquerque to meet with my surgeon and have xrays taken of my hip. They will either show that it is the cause of my current leg problem or, as my intuition says, is not the cause. In any case, I do agree with my surgeon that it is the only way to find out for sure.

I'll get back to you with the results.


  1. Good luck today - I'll be waiting to hear the results <3

    1. The xrays today show that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the hip implant!! See I told you so!
      It looks as if the leg problem is coming from the back and also some scar tissue in the thigh area that will eventually clear up. I will be going back to physical therapy for awhile to strengthen my core etc. I really don't have a problem with that plan. I'm sure it will make everything stronger.

    2. In addition to working with my physical therapist I will be seeing my surgeon's partner in May who specializes in spinal problems.It might be worth seeing what he can offer to the puzzle.There are numerous non-surgical options for arthritis etc.

  2. Glad to hear you have a plan - it can make such a huge difference in the healing/recovery process. Wishing you good times in getting this taken care of, Barbara! Good on ya!