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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Moving on with a different attitude

If you have been keeping up with my recent blog posts you know that my hip is perfect. There is nothing wrong with the implant. With that out of the way, I took a picture of the treadmill that I believe contributed to my leg/back pain. The picture became a for sale flyer that I posted Friday at our family center. The very next morning I got a call from a young lady who wanted to buy what I had to sell.Yesterday afternoon I had the exact amount I had paid for it in my hand. A perfect exchange wouldn't you say?

 Sometimes it seems that what I believe is going to help with my healing is actually interfering with the process. At the moment I have a brand new upright exercise bike sitting in its box ready to be assembled. That is not going to happen until I check it out with my physical therapist. I have the receipt and it can go back to Walmart if he says no.

I hope its a yes, but even if it isn't I plan to resume walking in the gym at our family center at least a couple of times a week. When the weather warms up a bit I will move to the park and no doubt take my camera along.

In addition to walking I plan to execute the new exercises I have been given with more enthusiasm because I know it will eventually bring about stronger muscles.

Yesterday I reached the six month point in my hip replacement recovery. It was a date I had been eagerly waiting for since my surgery. I realize I still need to exercise some caution, but as of today I am moving forward with a different attitude.

 My goal now is to be the best that I can possibly be. Several years ago I told a friend that I want to live to be a healthy 100. No more of this pain crap for me- Been there, done that and I am through!!

Yesterday I saw a statement that said,"women who have their last child when they are over 33 have a better chance of living to be at least 95 than those who don't". Well I was 41 when I had my daughter! There has to be some good reason I agreed to do it again. 


  1. You'll make it to more than 100, Barbara! I have faith in you! The trick is to make it with a body that isn't all broken down and hard to live in. Sounds like you're doing the stuff it takes to keep it around for a few more years. Have fun! And enjoy those walks outside!

    PS. I've discovered that home exercise equipment is never as good as that which is available in a gym or fitness center. The poorer quality that comes from making it reasonable to afford to buy results in the body having to work harder to get any kind of movement or exercise going and sometimes in doing so, results in things getting worse instead of better. It has made more sense to me to pay the money to join a workout center and not spend my money on having the chiropractor or other doctor try and put back together the problems the lesser-quality equipment caused. It also means I can mix up the workout by alternating different machines so different muscles get stronger instead of having to compensate for strong muscles in one place and weaker ones elsewhere. Just my two cents...

    1. Very good points Lois. I am also considering going back to using the machines at our family center. $25 a year is pretty cheap membership. The machines were donated by a fitness center that went out of business.

    2. Wow! Cheap is right! Go for it, Barbara... the machines will be better quality. Good on ya!