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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

and the winner is...

My poor cat, Smokey, was in a recent fight with a neighborhood intruder. My dog, Ejay has been doing his best to keep the feline out of his yard, but Smokey insists on going out just once more before bed. For a couple of days we had noticed that he was acting like something was wrong. He wasn't limping or bleeding and seemed to be eating. Then my son decided to check him out.

He noticed a small hole a little below the tail. Not being sure what it was I made an appointment yesterday morning to have it looked at. Darn good thing I did because it was much worse than we thought. After the area was shaved to get a better look this is what was uncovered. Not the prettiest sight in the world for sure.

He was given an antibiotic shot to last two weeks along with cream to be applied to the wound twice a day. The worst part for Smokey is that the doctor ordered him to stay inside for the next 10 days until he rechecks the wound. For a cat that usually goes in and out whenever he chooses that is like a life sentence!

He seems to be doing alright today, but it is only day one. He apparently got over the trauma of being encased in a pink dog carrier, borrowed from my daughter. He hates being in the car and it was trauma enough for me to endure his continued loud protest on the trip to and from the doctor without trying to hold on to him too.

I don't know if Smokey won or lost the fight, but this better not happen again, or he can get a job and pay his own medical bills!

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  1. Cat fights almost always end up in an abscess for one or both of the kitties. Those cat claws are "lethal"! I finally learned to take care of them myself so they didn't get infected or become a bigger issue than they already are. Sounds like your kitty doesn't get them often enough to consider learning to take care of them, though. Wishing your kitty speeding healing from his boo boo.