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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Climb that ladder

Everyone has their own idea of why we are here on this planet called earth. My personal opinion changes from time to time as new information is added to my book of knowledge. Today I believe we are here to experience. Our journey is much like steps up a ladder. When we reach the top we (our soul) returns to where it came from and moves on to a new experience.

Several years ago I began collecting what I feel are inspirational images and thoughts in a book I titled Inspirational Stuff. I have since shared it with others and have often allowed people to make copies of things that inspired them in thought or deed.

This morning I remembered this little picture and it became the focus of this post..

I wanted to give you space to view it for yourself. I love it! To me it represents life and the freedom we are given to make choices. You don't see anyone else in the picture- right? That's because the choices we make are entirely up to us. They determine whether we take another step up the ladder or stay right where we are.

Notice that wall is pretty darn high, making it impossible to see what is on the other side. This picture also answered a question I have had for some time. Why do I leave others behind as I climb my ladder. I think the answer is that I no longer need their assistance. I am ready to take the next step alone.

Every now and then I do find other souls who seem to be on a parallel path. Our experiences and thoughts seem to be similar. It is fun to connect with these souls and it feels much like finding a member of a universal family.

Those are my thoughts today on why I am residing on this planet called earth. I invite all of my readers to add their own by commenting in the appropriate place.

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