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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Never make assumptions

Physically everything in my life has been going great until a couple of weeks ago. I have developed a problem with my right leg and knee- it hurts! To make matters worse it is on the same side as my hip replacement. It would be easy to assume the pain is related, but my intuition is saying never make assumptions. It has been almost 6 months since the surgery and problems at this point do not make sense to me.

After trying all the normal things to ease the pain, with little or no relief, I ended up in my local doctor's office yesterday morning. He was just as much in the dark as I am. We mutually decided it might be something in my lower back that is causing pain to radiate down my leg. This thought resulted in a trip across the street to Cibola Hospital to have lumbar xrays taken. The results of which should be back Monday.

Meanwhile, nothing is helping with the pain and I am trying to come up with reasons that could  have caused this problem to suddenly crop up out of the blue. Did I send out negative energy that has decided to return to me? Is the Universe paying me back for something or trying to teach me another lesson?

Looking at my calendar I see that Mercury won't be finished  with its current retrograde until Tuesday, perhaps that's it. One last shot just to make sure that I never make assumptions about anything, including my health.

One good thing about my little journey yesterday is that I now have my Medicare B deductible paid for the year, and with a discount because I paid it before I left the hospital. As my friend, Lois, would say- onward and upward!


  1. As I read this, Barbara, my first thought was that perhaps something has just caught up with you; compensating for the hip replacement could have shoved something in your spine into a position that is now causing pain. Pain doesn't always show up immediately, especially when it come to our bodies. I hope you're able to find out what's causing it and get it taken care of. (Could it be sciatica?)

    Onward and upward, indeed… it’s the only way to go :D

    1. I was using a treadmill that didn't seem right for me and I was leaning forward. I'm tending to think it is a pinched nerve in my back. Waiting for the xray results.

    2. I hope that all has returned well and that you have nothing new and major going on <3