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Friday, January 29, 2016

My feedback is important too

After a week of serious pain I am still searching for the source. I have been to my PA, had lumbar xrays taken and an exam by my former physical therapist. Next I will visit my surgeon on Wednesday where I will no doubt have an xray or two taken of my operated hip to erase any doubt that it is what is causing a problem in my leg.

I really appreciate the fact that all of my medical people are willing to share their findings with each other. It's like little pieces of the same puzzle. Yesterday I told my PT that it didn't seem that anyone was listening to me. He responded, "I am" and yes I believe he is and I appreciate that.

Granted I'm not a doctor, but this is my body and I'm the only one who knows what hurts and just how much. When something is going on in your body that isn't right that period of trying to figure out the cause is very frustrating.

All I can do at this point is follow the suggestions given to me by my medical people and give them feedback on what is happening.


  1. Well, I replied to my previous comment before reading your latest posting. So disregard it!

    I'm sorry to hear this pain has continued for you. I really do hope they can get it figured out.

    I've experienced the unconscious disregard that come doctors can have of me as a patient. I completely agree that it's your body and you know what's happening to it. What you need them for is finding out WHY it's happening! And then to collaborate on a game plan to get it resolved. Glad you're taking steps to get it under control and back in order. My best wishes for a speedy resolution, Barbara.

    1. That would be "...some doctors.." :D

    2. Thanks Lois.<3 I was thinking of you as I was writing the post. I think the patient has to be in charge of co-ordination. I have learned to get a copy of all test results etc. to make sure everyone is up to speed. I don't entirely trust electronics, perhaps that's due to the decade I was born in! It could also be that I haven't completely let go of being a control freak!