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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Motivation from a friend

Yesterday a friend asked this question: If you don't think you are special enough to date yourself how can you expect anyone else to ask for a date? I promised her I would get out of the house and go for a walk in our park, better known as the Riverwalk. I further promised to post a Facebook picture of my date with myself on her wall.

My date turned out to be not only beneficial to my health, but a really fun morning.

Lately I have been having problems with unexpected pain in my operated leg and have been trying to decide what is the cause. I decided it is partly due to sitting too much and also using a treadmill that needs some adjustment.  Remember the saying, "if you aren't part of the solution, you are part of the problem"? I believe that applies to my situation.

I used to walk at the Riverwalk all the time but stopped last fall when I discovered I was due to have surgery. I just never got back to it until this morning. It felt great to be outside.The morning air was brisk, but not really cold. I took my camera along on my journey and was really happy for that decision.

For your enjoyment, these are a few of the pictures I snapped as I walked and remembered similar  trips.

The first was a half frozen pond occupied by two brave ducks. Perhaps they were on a date too.

As I continued  walking I stopped to take a picture of the amphitheater. During the summer groups offer free concerts to the community.

Reaching the other end of the Riverwalk I found the rest of the ducks that make the park their home. Some of them were getting a free meal. It brought back memories of the many times I brought my grandson to feed the ducks and geese and to skip rocks in the water.

Up the street from the Riverwalk is a gallery/gift shop that until recently I didn't even know existed. I spent a very enjoyable time talking to the owner of Fusions and have a feeling we might be getting together in the not too distant future. I couldn't resist making a purchase to mark the end of my first date with myself. It is a beautiful glass ring one of her talented sons creates.

Thanks for the motivation Lois I just might have to do this again!

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  1. I love winter walks! I used to take my son to the beach in the winter time because it's so different than it is during the summer and I think winter at the beach is delightful. You photos are wonderful - and you have the added memory of having taken your grandson out to feed the ducks and geese. How wonderful!

    I love your new ring! Gorgeous colors, too. I do hope you'll take yourself out again, Barbara - there's so much to see and do, if we just go do and see it! Rock on, my friend!