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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Almost there

As I was walking across my living room floor this morning holding a cup of green tea I suddenly noticed how confident my gait was. I immediately realized a flow of gratitude for the hip replacement I had five months ago. I have one month to go for what is generally considered complete healing.

There are still a couple of leg movements that cause a minor struggle, but hey no more pain!

I endured four years of daily pain before I was financially able to seek the help of one of the best orthopedic surgeons in New Mexico. I don’t like to remember the pain, but I am grateful it is over.

I really want to encourage anyone who has the financial means to have this surgery to get it done. If your only reason for holding back is fear- stop that! The surgery only takes about an hour and the hospital stay is a couple of days. Then you come home and the healing is mostly up to you, with the help of a physical therapist.

This is an example of how normal things can be. On the second day I was released from the hospital and because it was so late in the day and we live an hour away, my son and I decided to get something to eat before leaving Albuquerque. Arby’s never tasted as good! I had been thinking about it all day. Keep in mind I had just been in the operating room the morning before this tasty event. I did have the assistance of a walker provided by the hospital, but I was walking on my own two feet.

It’s odd that even though I have an implant in my body, that is partly metal and partly plastic, I rarely think about it being there. There have been days of soreness, which is very different from pain. I will always be grateful for having the courage to have the surgery.

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