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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Finding the middle

I'm wondering if not finding the middle is the problem with the world today. Everyone wants to be at the top and nobody desires to be at the bottom, but what about the middle?

There are several people in my current life whose views are so totally opposite from mine that we are constantly in a battle. Because we are so focused on the differences we miss even noticing the similarities. Somebody has to be right- right? This tug of war seems to be present in a lot of lives today. What would happen if we all just dropped the rope and stopped the fighting? Peace maybe?

There is one little catch that I can see to this perfect scenario and that is it takes teamwork. Both "parties" need to be on the same page with the goal of oneness uppermost in their minds. As in a marriage or any relationship when only one person seeks a peaceful solution it's rarely going to happen.

I love the TV show The Middle and can relate to the trials and tribulations of Sue Heck, played by the talented young actress Eden Sher. She is the middle child in a family consisting of an older brother in love with himself, a younger brother with his face constantly in a book and parents who just don't quite get the fact that they are supposed to be responsible role models for their children. Poor Sue keeps trying to not only find herself, but wake up her sleeping family in the process. I keep rooting for her because I know from personal experience how she feels.

I'm not sure if finding the middle is even possible, but it would make a beautiful peaceful ending to a real life fairy tale.

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