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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mixed energy

Yesterday while most people were busy reacting to the horrible events of the Boston marathon bombing   of 4/15/13 I experienced a day of mixed energy.

In the morning I noticed that my chest felt like someone was pushing in on it. It didn't cause breathing problems but was enough annoyance to get my attention. After I finished my morning exercises it went away. I mentioned it to my massage therapist later in the day and she noted she had experienced something similar. We concluded the air was full of negative energy and none of it belonged to us.

I had been working on ideas to make this summer's writing camp, sponsored by my writing group, really special for the participating elementary students. The idea is to use unusual means that they don't get in school to inspire kids in grades 3-6 to write. My personal goal for this week was to locate community residents who would be willing to help us carry out our ideas.

I was looking for people who are passionate about what they do. In order to convince them to help us,  I  first had to be passionate in the way I approached them. I had 10 hours available and just needed a few people to use their unique knowledge to fill them. By the end of the day every single person I talked to gave me a yes. Working together with our current writing group's members the summer camp will be a huge success this year and will hopefully inspire some young people to find a love for writing.

This morning I thought about the energy from yesterday and my mind went back to knowledge I acquired about my beloved Riverwalk Park, while writing my first book. Around the mid 1990s, a former Grants, NM mayor, Jackie Fisher, had a vision. He convinced a number of residents to tear down some old buildings and construct a park right in the middle of town.

The following is an excerpt from my book, Wake Up! "A man named Weaver with remarkable vision planted each rock. He would look at the area, dig a hole and search for the exact rock to fill it; numbering each one on the bottom."

As I thought about that fact I realized it was exactly what I had done. I had holes and looked for the exact person to fill the space. I can't help but smile this morning at the mixed energy that was available yesterday. Bad stuff happens and it always will, but when you focus on positive energy you can always turn it into something positive.

Sharing some photos of our Riverwalk and the wonderful "rocks" Mr. Weaver found.

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