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Monday, April 8, 2013

Are you an archivist?

Inspiration for this post came from a soul who just won't go away. I give up and have concluded the match was predestined and there isn't anything either of us can do about it. We simply inspire each other to inspire others and that's just the way it is.

Because of this fact the word I am investigating today is archivist: a person in charge of archives, which is a place to keep records.

I believe we are all archivists, whether we have been officially trained for the job or not. From the moment we are conceived we keep records in our minds of every experience and every word that we have ever heard. That's a lot of information to be crammed into such a small space. No wonder our minds get more than a little confused at times. We remember things from yesteryear as if they just happened today. Some of us even have clear memories of past lives, adding to the mix.

Little things happen every day causing us to recall things from our past. It could be something as simple as a word that pops out of a book we are reading or a song that takes us back to a prior time, without leaving the comfort of our current surroundings. Often times if we have allowed our minds to grow we will find that our memory of the event/situation has acquired a different slant. That could be referred to as growing up, maturing or evolving. Whatever it is called it is usually a good thing.

Following a suggestion several weeks ago to check my archives for information I began to look back over some of the things I had written over the last few years. That may not be what the person had in mind, but I have been known for taking things a bit too literally. As it turned out it wasn't a bad thing because I found some really good writing that I used as foundations to offer them with a more positive attitude. I suppose I have to admit that this approach did encourage me to begin to also rethink the archives of my mind.

Obviously one can't rethink everything, but where there is desire the important stuff can be reshaped so that it doesn't interfere with our present and future experiences. Okay, I'm done working on the word archivist now and I sincerely thank the soul/teacher who inspired me to do so.

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