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Thursday, April 18, 2013

A star is born

My writing group, Write On People, was very small this morning, but I believe we proved that it doesn't take a lot of people to launch a great idea. It just takes minds focused on positive energy to make good things happen. This morning a star was born before our very eyes.

Several weeks ago we decided to include as a member of our group a resident of our local nursing home who displayed an interest in writing. In fact she had been writing all of her life, but entering a nursing home temporarily pushed that talent aside. She had been concentrating on another of her interests, crocheting. Life moves on when you aren't paying attention. We noticed her, we grabbed her, and claimed her as our own.

She often makes the rest of us look bad because almost as soon as we decide on our next writing challenge her mind starts working on how she can put her concept on paper. She has a wonderful imagination that seems to never stop working. Anyone who believes nursing home residents are simply vegetables who have no value have never met our Ms. M..

I had been told by the activity director of the facility that our newest writer had been working on a story that she had not yet shared with us.With a little nudging Ms. M. read her latest project to us this morning. It is an unfinished story about a horse named Star. We were mesmerized as she took us on a journey we had never been on before. My first reaction along with that of another member of our group was, "You have the makings of a wonderful children's book". Her response was, "Really?"

Ms. M. then shared that she had been working with a fellow nursing home resident to create sketches for her characters. Why you little sneak you!

As I drove her back to the nursing home after our meeting this morning she admitted she had been seeking feedback from us. Sometimes all one needs to become a star is a little encouragement and caring friends to help them believe in their own ability.

You go Ms. M. we are right behind you!


  1. what a heart touching and energising tale.... sending Love to all.
    Love and Light,