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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Rest in peace

Every time someone posts something on Facebook about praying for a soul that no longer resides in a human body it gets my attention. They are probably busy praying for us when they are not otherwise occupied with living the life of a spark of light in another realm. I am sure they are resting in peace.

Of course, we miss our friends and relatives. We miss their love, humor, even their anger and the energy/lessons they brought to our life while they were here. They played their part in our drama and have more than earned a time of rest. To pray for them I believe is unnecessary and perhaps a little silly.

These souls have the best of both worlds. They no longer have to deal with the struggle of living a human life. Those who suffered from physical pain are now free to fly unaided by material bonds. These souls no longer need to worry about money or mundane chores like paying bills, washing clothes, buying gas for their vehicles or purchasing groceries. Do they even eat where they are?

Without getting involved, they have a great view of those still struggling to make the best of their human lives. I imagine we provide many hours of laughter for them as they remember, been there done that it doesn't work.

From what I have read the only thing these souls are responsible for after they leave earth is going over what they learned while they were here. Depending on the answer to that question the list could be very long or very short. It's all about how open they were to following their intuition and their hearts. How much a soul evolved during its stay probably has a lot to do with whether it will return to give it another try.

So I really don't feel it is necessary to pray for the souls who have earned a better place to reside. They have worked very hard and deserve to rest in peace.

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