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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Test Pilot

Last Sunday I began thinking about how I could be a little cooler this summer. I do not have air conditioning and sometimes it gets pretty hot in my house. Another consideration was money, which is always a piece of the puzzle when I want to do something. I'm not complaining because it usually makes me more creative. New challenges actually make me happy.

I checked out free standing hammocks on line. There were several that I liked, but I don't like paying extra for shipping. I decided to put my search on the back burner for awhile. At least I had put the thought out there for the universe to know I was thinking about it.

Monday morning after my usual hour walk at our family center I stopped by the grocery store. As I approached the entrance I noticed large boxes containing all kinds of interesting patio equipment. I followed my intuition and in the middle of the boxes I saw a free standing hammock, just like the one I had thought of ordering. It was even the same color and slightly cheaper. Coincidence? I don't think so.

As I was standing at the check-stand to pay for my groceries the hammock kept calling my name. I couldn't resist. Next challenge- can I assemble it myself or do I need help? My thought was, "Oh come on you aren't stupid just follow the directions step by step!" The pep talk worked and although it took a little longer than it would have taken most men it fits perfectly under my trees. Of course, anyone following my blog knows my test pilot was my grandson, Colin!

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