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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fun in the Sun?

The first week of summer has been an interesting mixture of energies. I had lunch with a friend on Monday, who is a retiring elementary school teacher. Her life is going to be experiencing a big change, especially when fall comes and there are no more children in her daily life. She does enjoy her grandchildren, but it is not the same as being responsible for teaching a room full of eager young minds. She says she is ready for retirement, but I wonder if she will feel that way on the first day of school. I am happy that my grandson was in her last class.

The rest of the week was divided between me stuff, like a haircut, and taking care of Colin, who is finally taking swimming lessons. He is going to be a great little swimmer, which doesn't surprise me. He was born to be athletic among other things. As I have mentioned before his small size just doesn't matter at all. Colin is a strong kid- inside and out!

My project for the last few days has been scraping the paint off my deck. My ultimate goal is to replace the rotten boards, remove the paint from the good ones and apply water repellent stain to the whole thing. Fun you ask? I don't think so, but someone has to do it. Colin was helping scrape for a couple of days. He actually thought it was fun. It reminded me of Tom Sawyer and the whitewashed fence!

For the rest of the weekend I am on my own. My little helper left on a camping trip last night and I hope he has a great time. He promised to help me when he returns. I did get a little assistance from Mother Nature when it decided to rain, getting some of the boards wet, which makes removing the paint easier.

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