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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

God Sees and Hears All

I had an interesting experience over last weekend involving a female friend. This person possesses a great deal of negative energy, which I do my best to tune out. I mentally draw a circle of protection around myself when we are together. She is very prejudice, mostly against Native Americans. She wants more than anything to sell her house and move out of New Mexico. I am beginning to wonder if God/Source is keeping her here to teach her a lesson. I can almost sense a universal smile.

We were headed for Gallup, NM (about 60 miles away) to shop in the mall and have a nice lunch. The biggest store we have in Grants is Wal-Mart and our restaurants are pretty much Mexican or Oriental. It is nice to have a better choice now and then.

She soon began complaining about her predicament. I countered with the fact that there wasn’t much she could do about it until she found a buyer for her house. I told her to stop focusing on what she thought was a problem and focus on the moment, adding it was really all she had. I suggested she be grateful for what she has been given. That didn’t go over too well, but at least I tried.

After leaving J.C. Penney’s, where we took advantage of a great sale, the first words out of my friend’s mouth were, “The only people we saw in the store were Indian.” I didn’t respond, but thought, “So do you want them to find a new planet to live on?” After all, Gallup, NM is occupied mostly by Native Americans. We were in their town!

We went on to finish our shopping, had a wonderful lunch at Applebee’s and headed home in near 100 degree heat. Luckily we were comfortable in her bright red Mustang with air conditioning. She loves expensive cars and driving fast. Her tastes are a little above what I need to make me happy, but that is her way.

Later that evening I received a frantic call from my friend telling me that after a trip to the grocery store her radiator was spewing anti freeze all over her garage. She made the comment that God had protected her on the trip back home. I, on the other hand, immediately and silently expressed my gratitude to Source that it had not happened on the interstate in all that heat.

While my friend unsuccessfully spent the rest of the weekend trying to get her car fixed, I enjoyed a very relaxing Sunday puttering around my house and yard and even connected with a couple of new friends via the net. This morning I drove my friend to work because her car is still not fixed.

I am not taking credit for anything, but I can’t help wondering just how much her negative and my positive energy played a part in the outcome of this story. A quote by Abraham/Hicks seems to fit just right- “Appreciation of others and yourself are the closest vibrational matches to source…”

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