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Monday, July 3, 2017

Just let it be

We finished off replacing the floor in the last room, which is my bedroom, last night. Everything was put back where it is supposed to be with one exception. I couldn't hold the mirror for my dresser so my son could screw in the four screws. That sucker is heavy!

After several attempts I said, "Let's just leave it and I'll see if I can get someone to help in the morning." I put the drawers back in so I wouldn't trip over them in the middle of the night and let the problem be.

The rest of the room looks really good and I am very happy to get rid of 30+ year old carpet, which I am sure has been causing allergy problems.

This morning I again began thinking of who I could call to offer a pair of hands for probably five minutes. Being a holiday weekend I didn't want to bother anyone. I decided to give it one more shot and decided perhaps I was just tired last night and maybe had a little more energy this morning.

So the task began again.

After a little trial and error we realized that the bottom of the mirror would sit on the dresser and all I had to do was balance it so my son could locate the holes. Why couldn't we have noticed that last night I wonder? Perhaps my brain just needed to rest or perhaps my guardian angel popped in for a brief visit and offered a helping hand.

Not worrying so much and just letting things be is a lesson I am currently learning.

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