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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Just do it

This morning I was checking out some leftover yarn to see what's what. I noticed a large skein of white baby yarn left over from the baby blanket I made for my expected great granddaughter. I over estimated what I needed. I kept hearing my grandmother saying waste not want not.

I know I know but what am I supposed to do with this. I could make a bunch of baby beanies and give them to the hospital. No, I got worn out with those. Besides someone else could take over as I did from my friend, Marvine, when she moved to a nursing home in Texas. I miss that crazy lady a lot.

I don't know anyone expecting a baby anytime soon besides my granddaughter-in-law, but I kept being nudged to use the yarn to make another baby blanket. I long ago learned to follow my intuition because it is the voice of my soul. Soooo to make a short story even shorter that is exactly what I am doing.

Here is proof that my latest effort has begun. I think the baby it is meant for quite possibly hasn't even been conceived yet. I know it isn't mine- been there done that!!

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