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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Positive energy

I think I was wrong about my new massage therapist. There is no way I can keep seeing her. Since my session last Wednesday I have been in almost constant pain due to a procedure she used on the lower part of my body. She wrapped my legs in a blanket and pulled them past my waist, first to the left then to the right. She then made a joke, saying "bet you didn't know you could move that far, some of my clients can go even farther".  Well lady, "how many of them have had a recent hip replacement?"

Four days later and I am still trying to get my body to go back to where it was before I got caught in her web.

Perhaps the leg pain I have been experiencing is the Universe waiting to see just how long I am going to put up with this crap. Well I'm done right now! I do not need this person or her negative energy in my life.

To take the place of my mistake a friend just tuned me into a wonderful meditation video from Hay House. It is Secrets of Meditation by Davidji.  I have tried for years to meditate without much success. For some reason this works. Here is the link

Positive energy trumps negative energy every time.


  1. I'm with you, Barbara! I can no longer allow people to be around/with/near me who have any kind of sustained negative energy going on. It doesn't seem to matter how well I put up a boundary around me... their energy seems to eventually find its way in. Perhaps I'm not adept enough at protecting myself; whatever the reason, I'm no longer allowing them in. There are others out there to fill their spaces with nice positive energy - and I'm on a mission to find them!

    I love Davidji. I've listened to his meditation work for years (he used to collaborate with Deepak Chopra). I think he moved to Carlsbad, CA shortly after I left the area otherwise I'd probably have never left his side. He often posts photos on FB of walking on the Carlsbad beaches with his dog; makes me wish I was still back in that area (if it wasn't so expensive to live there, I probably would be!). Enjoy his work - I agree that it's some of the best meditation stuff I've ever heard, too.

    1. I appreciate your input Lois. BTW "Heal Your Body" arrived and I can see a pattern of always feeling I have to take responsibility for problems that are not mine. I need to stop that! Although Davidji is a bit out of my ordinary realm I can relate to and hopefully learn from his messages.